Friday, April 6, 2007

Computer Probs

My computer crashed last week....horribly. I thought my internet withdrawals would be worse, BUT I actually enjoyed it.

I so wanted to do an entry last week for the newspaper and I could have easily, but the computer problems prevented that. To be honest, I was happy I was no longer near a just put things in perspective for me. I postred a few things on 360 EVEN though I always say I won't. To me it is just harder and harder to be me there. I posted a blog tonight that said I was taking it easy....not a break but taking it easy from 360. I have met so many wonderful people there, but the childish drama that goes on there freaks me out. I came back and my friend had all his families pics stolen and horrible things said about his was disgusting. How could a blog enviroment I so used to love just disgust me anymore? And how could other places like this just be so comforting, like a bowl of tomao soup on a rainy day?
I will not be taking a break from blogspot, because this is me.
I plan on writing everyday here and mostly reading on the other.
I just feel more myself here.
If you know me good enough, you know you can read me here. If I feel inspired enough I'll share it with 360. Like Dorid would be nice to drag everyone here.
But I noticed many of you feel more comfy here anyway.
See you all tomorrow...of course it is after midnight here so later in the day.
I need some ideas for next weeks article, even though I am filled to the brim, aw...never mind...I got it. :D


Wendy said...

Glad to see you back...missed you!!

Alissa said...

I was about to send in the search party...I'm glad you are back.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dana!
Glad you still remembered me,How is your boys? DId you have your baby that time?! Well-LIfe had took me to many different places and paths..I'm back here in Rapid City.I always wondered what happened to you and your boys..I saw your column last month..and I enjoyed reading your stories..Gee! you really express yourself-totally different from the shy,quiet one I know..When I saw your article,I was like..there she is..I knew that I had to get back in touch..e-mail me

devoted reader said...

"shy, quiet" - who would have guessed! :)

Dana L said...

alright people....come on and TELL me who you are, did the paper send you...I know who Leona is but who is devoted? I bet I know you

Anonymous said...

it wasn't me,Dana...Somebody must be really devoted to you..hehe!!

Leona said...

keep it up,Dana! I see you being one of the future leaders for your reservation, your people. You should be a writer, get your story out known like I'm doing, I'm getting it ready to publish mine's soon this year or next.
it wasn't me,earlier..about the devoted one...

Dana L said... you got my curiousity going...and I am shy and quiet dammit lol...thats why I blog!