Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I went out to our casino with my mom on Saturday night and I won! :) I won a thosand dollars. Somewhere, some god or goddess was smiling down on me.
So I didn't bead all weekend. I paid ALL my bills. I took my kids shopping. I bought myself a digital camera. It's not the best. It was one of the cheaper ones, but FINALLY I own one. I also needed it for work.
So you will be seeing more pictures from the reservation.
The pic posted up there...as you can see I am not at all good with the camera yet is a letter I got from a prison. someone that reads my column. The guy drew me...that's kind of creepy.
BTW I don't look like that. LOL I don't go around with a feather in my hair and I do wear clothes. I can see the drawing has my eyebrows and that is it.
Well I will be posting more pics of the rexz...be prepared!


Jeepers said...

lucky you..I want you to come stand next to me and I will buy a lotto ticket..maybe then I will win something..lol..Creepy about the pic though..don't know how I would take that..lmao

Alissa said...

You do live! Quit ignoring me!

I'm glad that you hit a windfall, and were able to take a break... You're not responding to that guys letter are you? That's just creepy. That pic is his imagination at work, but don't lie, we all know you run around naked all day, with a feather in your hair. For a guy that's never met you, he's quite accurate. :)

I heart you!

Dorid said...

ROTFL... awww. I thought all indian women were maidens, all went naked to stand out on the mesa with their pet wolves and stare up at the moonlight while the wind played with the eagle feather tied in their jet black hair...

At least it's just a picture. I thought for a moment when I saw the photo it was a tattoo... now THAT would be creepy!

JohnB said...

dana, congrats on the winnings...I know it is no easy feat, especially since the most I've ever won from a casino is -$5 (quite a sum, eh?)

...are you quite sure you don't look like that? ;)

Dana Dane said...

haha john...haha...and Dorid I do not go around like you said...I usually wear a buffalo robe!
Alissa I was not ignoring you, only my yahoo account.
Jeepy baby I can draw you if you want.

Josie said...

Delighted on your winnings... couldn't happen to a nicer person!