Friday, April 27, 2007

Rez Pics

Out and about on the rez today

took some pics

Picture 069
this dumpster at the dump always gets says "was you a cutie once" I admit when I first seen it I was like...IS THAT MEANT FOR ME??? I was a little offended lol.

Picture 017
Looking out my front door up towards old hospital hill

Picture 104
Taking Stephon for a walk.

Picture 105
trash and prairie grass

Picture 106

Picture 108
stephons shadow

Picture 093
plastic bag stuck in a broken fence

well that was today

someday i will post more pics of the rez


Josie said...

Trash not withstanding, there's no place like home... wish I was there!

Missy A said...

there is bueaty in everything
(I thought the bag was a dog, doesn't it look like a dog)
you have an openness there kind of like we have here, the sky is bigger than anything

Gina said...

...looks like NJ! 'cept for the trash. ;)

Love the pics! oh....and your Jukebox. Yesterday I played with the picture transformer and discovered JohnB.

What a fun blog.

Alissa said...

So here I was, minding my own business, reading your blog, which was lovely btw, with your lovely pics from the rez, when I glance over and see an add by google to take a quiz to see if your gay, and I can't stop laughing, because I know just the person who needs to take it *wink*...

Anonymous said...

goooooooo yanks