Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Bit About nothing

Yesterday I had my friends Aimy and Bobby over...and then Heather showed up. I showed Aimy the book I started...some of you might know of it or are actually able to read it. She read the first five blogs of the books (not chapters because I feel like I only know how to write in blog form) So the book is based on a blog of a girl on the rez. It's not really autobiographical but it is all based on people I know. Anyway since she is the "ho" in the book I was feeling weird about showing it to her. she LOVED it. She laughed through all 5 blogs. She knew who almost everyone was in there.
Anyway, she encouraged me to keep writing it.
I have yet to show it to Bobby....he's our gay friend. He really does take care of all of us like a brother. Or a man. I appreciate the friendships I made as I moved back here on the rez.
The people i hang out with now are not who I used to hang out with. In all honesty when I left the rez at age 18 I could not name a single person who WAS my friend. My sun used to rise and set on my ex's ass. Everything was him and my whole world. It wasn't only me, all my friends back then had already had men by the time they reach adulthood and expected that to be their life.
I come back and most are either on their second or third serious relationship and I see only one that is still with their man.
It's funny how life is-was-seems when you are 18.....and you walk around with stars in your eyes and are so certain of your future.
Then you get older...and one day you are in your 30's and just wondering what's next.


Josie said...

How true, how true...where you thought you were going in life isn't where you end up at all, but it's definitely an adventure!

Missy A said...

I know you can do this book I just KNOW you can
Oh and just wait till you are 40 and you are wondering what the flip happened in your life, you won't be like that tho you are gunna be famous you are!

JohnB said...

The past seems like a strange dream now, doesn't it?

Gina said...

You seem to have a lot of insight and an ability to cut yourself free from things that are not good for you.

You just go on and have as many experiences and joy as you can in life. Don't get stuck in anyone else's web of confusion. Keep looking forward!