Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Where i log in from

Did you expect any less?
Computer parts jacked from 5 or 6 different people
Stuff sitting in their basements-I put to use
Fingerprints and crayons on the wall
clean clothes that will never get folded
phone within reach
beautiful artwork hanging
Desktop made by my son
And Fran from Down Under on messenger
A/K/A Missy Angel
Hi! Fran! *waving*


Missy A said...

dang I come here too look and IE goes down ...only thing that does LoL
and I'm looking really hard but I can't see nay beads **wink**

Lauri said...

That's a mighty big NY Yankees banner on your wall! (wink) Hey, I think I have the same phone as you have. My home is definitely made up of bits and pieces of things acquired from many different places and people.

Dana Dane said...

see this is where all the evil scheming comes into play...and my kids HATE that banner but it is the only thing not banished to my room by popular vote....because of my dictatorship status it stays lol

Tigga! said...

Hmmm...where's the pic of James Brown?

Dana Dane said...

ewwww...god bless his soul!

Alissa said...

Funny! Your computer looks like the first family computer my parents got back in '95. It was a gateway... It's always nice to be able to envision where people are when you are talking to them or about them. I posted a pic of my work area too at Christmas time, but refuse to post another, because as predicted by you *smarty pants* it's not as clean as it once was...

Gina said...

did you start collecting the POST pins yet?