Saturday, April 14, 2007

Nostalgia and size 9! OMFG!

Scuse the cursing in the IM Lingo. BUT Josie left me a comment and a link in my Red Dress blog repost here on blogspot!
WOW this brought back memories and there is me...the last cheerleader to get to the girls. CHRIST I must have been slow, but OMFG I am SOOOO skinny!

Anyway here it is....nostalgia and size 9! Oh and the girls won State of course....but I WORE a SIZE 9!


Josie said...

I am absolutely delighted that you appear in this video too, I knew you had to be there somewhere! What a night it must have been! Yes, just a tiny size 9 back then, life has a way of sneaking up on us and adding a few more curves here and there. Recently a 17 year old was looking at a pic from my high school graduation 35 years ago, "Wow, you were really pretty" he said with amazement. Errr, "thanks"...I think?! :-)

Dana Dane said...

OMG I know I don't know what to say when people say...WOW you were pretty....i just say "I was huh?"

JohnB said...

Usually when people see my pics from HS, they say, "damn! look at the hair!?"

Anyway, like the new site-stuff you've been adding...good work BTW.

Atarishark said...

Wow, you should put that uniform back on and take some pics. I need to get out of my early morning perv mood. Nice to see you here.