Saturday, April 21, 2007

Death Of A Blog(or my last blog about 360)

The reason I have to talk about 360 AGAIN is I hear people are talking about what i did before I left and crap. I admit, I am not a saint....but I also had no idea there were certain rules on 360. Thank God I left.
Don't get me wrong 360 is a wonderful place4 with great writers but the blogging society there is quick to judge and trash-talk.

I have to admit when I sign onto the internet it's really hard for me to not automatically sign into Yahoo. I have to change my homepage to Google, so I won't be trying to do that anymore. I even changed my primary email to Gmail. I still accidentally sign my Yahoo password onto here or Myspace. I made the choice to leave 360 and I didn't do it for attention.
DESPITE what anyone says.

Even though all that bullshit started with Cuan at the beginning of the year, I was thinking hard about leaving 360 before that. I was getting tired of people telling me who said what about me and blah blah blah.

Then it was getting clickish. Well it was clickish LONG time ago, and I admit I wanted to be cool. I joined in the bullshit. Changing avatars to please the crowd, making blogs that went with the theme. It was a way of expressing my creative streak but it led me from my writing. Which was really f*cked because then there was people that read my writing and there was people that read my blogs that kissed the clique's ass.
Which is why I wanted to leave 360 B/C...before cuan.
When he made a point about one of my blogs in a deragatory way, I admit. I cried. I vented through blogs, I was pissed, I had wonderful people come to my defense. People I still miss so dearly. I was hurt, plain and simple.
After that I had somewhat of a writer's block. I opened my blogspot and myspace, I already had but I fixed it up. I just couldn't leave 360 though. As luck would have it my old 360 page would close up on me, I couldn't read other comments and instead of contacting Yahoo I just created a new one.
But it wasn't the same. I no longer spent as much time on Yahoo. What a blessing in disguise. I no longer went around to read what was going on in everyone's life. And I didn't feel guilty if I didn't read someone's blog.
I was sick....I know.
I made the decision over two weeks ago I would leave 360. I was going to leave my blog up but I only left the first one up. I told one person I was leaving. He was my closest friend and all his recent drama with 360 made it worse for me. The fact that soemone stole his family pics freaked me out. He kept having to make new pages, I think he is on his 4th. I miss him like crazy and I know he is mad at me but I can't change that.
Before I left I had something to say to one person and I did. We talked via comments and on his blog. It was the Howard Stern wannabe...Cuan. I had alot to say to him. I messaged him. He sent me an invite so we can talk and not message and we talked. There was only one other person there. (Doug) So it wasn't like we talked for people's sake. He admitted alot of things in message form and on his blog to me. He admitted he was wrong Especially when I told him his blog about Don Imus, well what I thought about it. That I thought that the most hurtful form of racism was the people who said they weren't racist but yet made little, deragatory remarks like Imus did, like he did. Especially from people that don't know who you are. I had a good talk with him. I still think he acts like a 7th grader, but I made amends and I don't hate him.....anymore. And then I left 360.

Apparently he did an apology blog to me, which I never seen. Because he deleted it, of course. And of course nobody would tell me if someone was apologizing to me, only when they talk shit about you do people tell you....even go out of their way to tell you, that's how it is on 360. i admit many people came to my defense but the same amount or more thought I was attacked because I wanted attention.
Now I hear via grapevine people are talking about me and Cuan. Let me just say this here and now. When we talked it wasn't planned. It wasn't for attention, I basically showed up unannounced and if people were lurking I have no idea. I didn't do it to piss anyone off and I am not a traitor. (as if)

I am just sick of hating people.
I am sick of being judged.
I am sick of drama.
I am sick of the do's and don't of blogging.
I am sick of who I should and shouldn't have on my friends list.
Because I am like....35 years old and I don't conform to blog society like it's middle school. (anymore)
It was just easier to close.

So that was the tale of the death of my 360 blog.

Thus the birth of my blog here.
For the readers of my column of blogspot peeps, you really didn't have to read this LOL. Sorry lol.



Daisy said...

I'm just glad to see that you're still writing. 360 has become lame to me. I find myself not updating, not reading, not commenting, and not caring. But I met some GREAT people there, and I will probably never close down my site. However, I don't see myself as dedicated to 360 as I once was. I would like to write for myself more--something with substance and something with meaning. Thank goodness, I'm still on contact with my friends from here, and hopefully that will never change.

Thanks for allowing me into your new world, Dana!

Wild Oglala said...

Rock on with your bad self!! Dane in effect once more!

Dana Dane said...

NJow I have a the hell do I get an RSS feed here?
Yeah Daisy....I wished I could have moved some people over here but glad to see you here anyway. (hugs)
Jase...and you know this...maan!

Anonymous said...

I really had no idea of the back stage happenings on 360, but good I stumbled upon this page...I also don't blog as I used to, but I do read other blogs, let the trash aside, there are some great people I met there.
Good to see you're doing fine, and wishing all the best,

Dana Dane said...

Hi meeting you here....drama aside I met some awesome awesome people on 360. And if doing my own thing and burying the hate hatchet with someone pissed people off then WHATEVER....i am here anyway, not much way I can get attention like this.

Josie said...

I'm glad I read this Dana, makes me much more aware of the crap that goes on there. Sorry you had to go thru it. But you came away wiser and stronger, so always something is gained in the experience. I have an RSS feed link,and also an email subscription link on my page, both thru Feedburner. Works great - you can get the link there.

Leona said...

Hey Dana Dane,
Can you get to me.e-mail me or something?...I was waiting to hear from you.Obviously you went through some trashing on your other site.Remember,there's good people out there that wants to hear a good story to remember for a long time. I hope you can get back to me.I want to know what's going on...I gave you my e-mail address and haven't heard from you since then..where's the love???

Dana Dane said...

dammit woman I did email you and you never emailed back...write to me at
this page is nothin but

Donnak said...

This is a good blog, and so very true. Seems 360 has some childish people there. I had a friend from here (blogger) tell me after they had set up a 360 page that she had never seen such childish behavior and she had her blog here for years. She shut her 360 blog down after only 2 weeks.

I notice less writing and more 'themes' going on every day.

Leona said...

Okay-Geez...I will send you one right now, my bad..

Alissa said...

So in the midst of all that, why was Neddy so pissed at you?

Dana Dane said...

he's not mad at me for why i am not sure...but i can guess why

Missy said...


There are a few things to remember.

Everyone is "cliqueish" on 360. That's why there's a friends list. Thats a clique.

The only people who make a deal about or complain are people who want to start drama.

There are 2 people that I don't know in real life who have EVER started drama with me. Ever since I began ignoring them, my life in the 360verse has gone swimmingly. I learned not to take it seriously, not to let it wound me and to just keep on... knowing that with each bout of anything, my true friends shine through.

I still put stuff on myspace (my family is there, and it's great for cheese collecting), and I have a blogspot for book reviews (honestly the interface and lack of connections makes me almost never come here though.

360 is really the perfect package... and it's worth it if you can figure out how to keep the drama hounds at bay.

Missy A said...

get a Feedburner account it can do every single one of your pages thats where I get my animated things from.
I have shut down to friends only Neddy has gone back to Mk3 page, you read my stuff I know you do I'll re-post last nights for ya so you can
and I'm allready signed into like 5 pages here you should see my tool bar LoL I don't know where I am most of the time

Daisy said...

I was able to add your feed through Google reader, so I'm all set now!

JohnB said...


Just an FYI...I currently subscribe to your feed at the following address:

This is the standard form for RSS feed. You can use Feedburner by pointing it to that URL. Hope this helps!

Dorid said...

Dana, you've had your RSS feed going all the time. I've had you on Google reader for a while :)

You KNOW I know what you mean with all this. I'm glad I had my blogspot page going all the time :) It's a nice place to come to, a lot more versitile as far as blog format than 360, and you don't have the cliques and babies to deal with.

I'm sorry to hear that there is still garbage going on over there. I just got fed up with it. I ended up at one point deleting a whole bunch of good people just to get away from stupid blog drama. That isn't what I read for, and sometimes it seems like that's all there is over there :(

Dana Dane said...

got dammit i never knew about the feedburner! not missy A....360 is the perfect package and try as i might i cannot get away from the drama...believe me I tried and i got tired of it. Anyway....sorry if anything I said on this blog offended anyone but honestly and really it is still my opinion, not a fact. You may think 360 is a perfect package and i may think it is 7th grade. Not meaning to hurt anyone or make anyone think I am flaming otherwise but it is MY opinion. so I left.

Tigga! said...

It wasn't the whole James Brown stalking thing was it?

Hello Lady! I have you on my favorites so I'll be checking your site. I'm sorry to hear about all that you went through on 360. I'll keep up with you on here...I'm a googler also and remember, you still have to find me a hot skin!!

Jeepers said...

I understand completely. And I can see why you left..I wasn't really keeping up with those guys for you..I did make sure of what they said about me..when they did. I defended you then and I would still defend you now. I didn't know what all happened until we talked. I do miss you..MySpace isn't the same..but if it keeps me connected to you and your writing I am all for it. I miss the 3 Musketeers and you know it's hard to realize that until it's gone. 360 isn't the same for me anymore either..I feel violated..and I don't feel safe there..I blog very little these days..and I only keep up with a few people. Maybe 3 to 5 people at the most..that's really sad..when I used to enjoy my page so much...I love ya and I miss ya girl ~hugs~