Saturday, April 21, 2007

Why I love Spring (Autumn is still my favorite though)

Materialistic things I like about Spring
Little girls in Easter duds
Opening Day for baseball season
The crisp weather with the cool breeze
Rain that causes streams and puddles
The smell of cooking on a grill
Yard sales and other people's junk
Flip-flops return
The days get longer
the weather is nice
yet kids are still at school
New kittens and flower seeds ready to plant
I love all these things of spring
but depsite it all
I still hate moving my clock ahead a f*ckin hour


Josie said...

Loved that ending - yup, it's definitely not a perfect world! As for "Daylight Saving Time", don't even get me started. Those letters really stand for "Damn Stupid Time". :)

JohnB said... on the grill!

Sarah said...

I DO lurk you here ... know that. Love you, bitch.