Thursday, April 26, 2007


Ok I have been playing with this website for a couple of days.....and it is creepy.

i originally first saw it on a friend from Hawaii's blog Aloha from 360. I was never able to use it because then I was at the library (aka methadone clinic from blog addicts) because the library didn't have Java, I couldn't use it. So, just the other day I remembered that I probably could use it now with the way my cousin "hookep me up" on this old computer.
So let me warned-this is very freaky.

First off you upload a picture of you. Then it has different how you would look as a baby-child-teenager, etc. Then it splits it into race, but only gives 4 categories. The only category I could enter was West Asian, figuring that is what my features came closest to, plus being one fourth know.

So here is me as an Afro-Carribean.
afro carribean

Here is something i never ever Me as a white woman...(A Lakota man's dream come true...haha just teasing.)
Is it just me...or do I look uptight?

Me as an East Asian.
east asian

West's me!
west asian

Now the options change to paintings.
Here I am as a Boticelli



ME as Anime
manga cartoon
There was also an Apewoman option...but if you know me...well you know I am not that fond of the primates....I have a little phobia thanks to Wizard of Oz, so you won't be seeing me as an apegirl.

Here is my favorite of all that I messed with. My son in Botticelli
jalen boticelli
Well the link is on top...if you want to try it...have as much fun as I did.


Missy A said...

They are freaky huh and thanks for the link the umm 'other' link made me smile that did

Dorid said...

OMG, I love this site. I've been playing with it for about 6-7 months now... mostly making new profile picts. I especially love the chimp blend. I use it on a lot of my evolution blogs ;)

Josie said...

I had a blast on this website - thanks for the link! I made a pretty convincing Afro-Carribean, loved my Mucha look, but was truly freaked to see that when I "masculized" my pic I looked very much like my Dad - YIKES!

Sarah said...

*lurk* *stalk* *lurk*

I love the afro-carribean one.

Gina said...

Oh that is too funny. You bear a striking resemblance to Janet Jackson. Your son, like Micheal.

Hey...i did that thing and my worst fears were realized. The monkey transformation actually looked like ME.