Saturday, April 7, 2007

Happy easter....just being random

I'm not really sure about Easter this year. I know fosho there will be NO hard boiled egg fight last year. Washing hard boiled egg out of your hair is horrible!

We are having it here at my house, 1st Easter here. We'll hide eggs for the younger ones, I'm sure the older boys will think they are "too old" for that. (But never too old to trick or treat!)

Makes me wish I was a kid kids do. Especially when I watch them play.

I even miss the sibling rivalry where Trav and I used to beat the crap out of each other so much my mom bought us boxing gloves. That worked for one night, until I realized it only gave him parental permission to beat the crap out of me and knock me punch drunk. Still it was fun. Especialy destroying the gloves.

I wished I could play agian until I was so cold, I had no idea I was so cold until my red cheeks hit the warmth of a house and all of a sudden I felt the cold as I warmed up.

I wished I could run around again until I was out of breath, sides aching and laughing from the fun.

I wished I could dye eggs and make a huge mess that pissed my mom off. Because now all I do is get pissed when I see the dye everywhere.

I wished I could enjoy a holiday meal I didn't have to stand on my feet all day to get ready.

I wished I could trick or treat and fill a bag up with candy...only because I was young and pretending to be someone else. and eat the candy until it was taken away from me...with a tummy ache.

I wished I could wake up to a tree surrounded by presents given to me from people that loved me.

I wished I could see an airplane flying above me and try and chase it. (That was my mom doing a fly-by ogf my grandma's house for real. My mom is amazing.)

I wished I could swing in a swing so high until I felt like I was flying in that small airplane like my mom.

I wished I could walk two miles into the prairie again, chasing the rainbow's end...never finding it but coming home with a fistful of wild flowers.

I guess I could still do some of the things, but dang I had a good childhood. As adults we tend to focus on the worst of our childhood because it scarred us, but we never think of how good we had it sometimes. I was blessed with some good times.

Have a good Easter peeps!


JohnB said...

I believe you and I are of the same mind Dana...all this rat race stuff is for the "birds"...:)

Josie said...

Thank you for taking us all back to some wonderful memories of childhood!

Josie said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I'm actually from east river, small town South Dakota. My dad still lives there. I came to your blog by way of your column in Lakota Country Times. I was totally impressed with what you wrote there so had to see what you were doing on your blog, and I haven't been disappointed. You write about themes that are common in all our lives, and you do it so well! Happy Easter to you too!

Dana L said...

Thanks Josie...I was just starting to wonder if people listened to my babble there and when they would start showing up here...I have gotten some regular mail from people too. It's nice my nonsense makes sense to some people.

Josie said...

Well it definitely makes sense to this reader, but then I'm a little weird, so maybe that's not the best reference. :-) I've read all of your archived posts here, is there a way I can get to your posts on 360?