Sunday, January 28, 2007

24 hours on the Rez (360 repost)

I convince Myk yesterday to go for a drive with me, plus we have to dump trash. I tell him that sometimes the light is just right and the rez is so pretty then. The sun is behind the clouds as we drive out west to Slim Buttes


Here is the my hometown of Pine Ridge from Slim Buttes. We used to party out here when I was a teenager at a spot called "The Satellites." For the life of me I can't find them, they must not exist anymore.


The light was never right, so I just took a pic of the sky.


I was able to get some shadows, but it was at the dump. *sigh*


Myk took this pic, he thinks the 2 signs are funny. You can only go 35 for one spin of the wheels you know.


So we go home, everything is fine. Then at 1:30 in the morning there is a weird light reflecting on our wall. We get up because it looks like sirens. We see cops. Of course everyone wakes up because we're up. There is an abandoned trailer behind my next door neighbor's house and it is on fire.


This is like 20 minutes later, four cops are just sitting there watching it. I get scared, there is a propane tank nearby and wires and tumbleweeds that could start on fire and blow into my yard. We could all blow up!



I keep calling the dispatch at the police station, they say they are trying to locate the fire men???? WTF??? So anyway they show up 40 minutes later and it takes them a while to put it out. I can't sleep so I lurk for a bit. I keep thinking, what if someone lived there?

Today I decide to go for a walk. There is a track just north of town especially for walking. I have a feeling the light will be that amber color I love so I take the cam.

Here is the result.

I took all pictures of dead, old, weeds, in an attempt to make them pretty. Oh, and a dead tree also.



A lady once told me that the plant people were the strongest of all people, because no matter how hard their life is-was, whether or not thay prospered, and even in death, they stand in prayer....with their head bowed. (I like to think of that before I stomp them. Just teasing Janet!) I hope these weeds everyone hates look a little better, but of course everything does in the sunset.

Speaking of...


I caught the sunset...and the light I wanted


You can see why it is called Pine Ridge here...IMG_1493IMG_1495






Hell yeah, this is where I am from!


Dorid said...

I lovede these when you first posted them on 360, and am loving them all over again now. It's so cool to have you back out on the land... you must be so happy!

Dana L said...

I am...of course I didn't take any pics of the horrible things here, but why? I love being home after all these years