Monday, January 29, 2007

Beauty is spirit deep

*Pic is of my son and his skateboard*

My mom told me something on the same night that my stepdad died. The doctor had let her and my little brother, age 15, and my two little sisters, ages 12 and 13, go in and say good bye to him. My mom had a hard enough time herself, but also she had to comfort them. She said his hand fell to the side and she put it back up because in life he didn't like his hand hanging off the bed. When she touched him to put his hand back, she told me he was still soft and warm. It was at this point she realized how much our bodies are shells.
She said we go through our whole lives in this shell when really the spirit of a person is what makes that person who they are. In death when that spirit leaves the body, all that is left is that shell that was occupied by that spirit.
The whole essence of who someone is, is their spirit. It is what makes someone wonderful, giving, and beautiful.
Too bad nobody ever judges anybody by how beautiful their spirit is, because really that is who they are.


Dorid said...

what an amazing observation... I really needed to hear that today. Sometimes I worry too much about my shell. Not so much that it isn't as pretty as other shells, or that it's too big... but that it just doesn't work right.

Today I needed to be reminded that my shell isn't what defines me.

Alissa said...

This is so right. We are who we are regardless of our exterior. However, on my never ending quest to better my shell, I find that I am learning more about my spirit, and that the mind and body are connected, but the body doesn't define me.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, Dana. Beauty is only skin deep (whatever that means). Old cliché: You can't judge a book by its cover.... it's so true. Just because someone is beautiful on the outside doesn't always mean that's what you'll find in their spirit.

Georgine said...

After watching my kid's dad suffer and be sick in his body, I take comfort in the belief that your body is merely a shell. Now when I think about him and dream about him I see him as a big strong man, like he was in better days, I'm not looking into sad eyes and seeing a pitiful sickly body like I did for so long with him. That is a small consolation for having him here, but helps none the less.