Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Afternoon Nap (360 repost)

Afternoon Nap
I was floating, like flying. I was going faster, like something was pulling me. I could see the tops of the roofs in all different shades of brick-- buildings. I wanted to be on them, so I floated down and began to run over them, like free running, thats when I noticed I was barefoot. Then I knew, had I had shoes on, I wouldn't be able to fly. The buildings began to get smaller, so I floated up again and changed direction. I saw an empty lot and knew that was my destination. This is where I came down. Still barefoot, in a strange city, quickly I began to read signs and take in the sights and sounds. I didn't even know if they spoke English here. Lyle's Deli, Moretti's Pizza, Chimes Clock and Watch shop, some sort of pawn shop, I couldn't make it out.. There was also an old theater that was converted into like a cine-plex. The sign was lit up, red and white, featuring matinees. People were rushing all over. I felt so alone, with no shoes. There was some delivery men outside of a used furniture shop hauling stuff in, glaring at me. A lady waved me over from inside of the shop. She asked me what I was doing and showed me the section where they had used clothing. The only shoes that fit were some funky, metallic, gold sandals, but I gladly put them on. I told her I was here to search for my mom and son. Which I knew was true, but did not know it till the moment I spoke these words. She hurriedly gave me a small wallet and told me to go get something to eat. I told her thanks and I will be back to pay her back and left....I walked out, in bright sunlight, and looked around to decide which direction to go....

KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! "OPEN THE DOOR!" It was my mother in law at the door, drunk, screaming around. The most vivid and detailed dream I had in... forever and she ruined it. I didn't open the door for her today.

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