Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Passion of the Sport (360 repost)

I am a sports junkie. I love ESPN! When I hear da-da-da da-da-da I go running to the tv and savor the sweet notes of da-da-da da-da-da. Sportscenter!

I am unathletic as hell. I was picked last in gym class for EVERYTHING! I was the always centerfield in whiffleball because I wasn't trusted. I was the scorekeeper for as many games as I could get away with it for. I was a nerd....the nerd. I hated gym, most of the time if it wasn't for health class I wouldn't have passed. I have a competitive edge in all things not physical. I could and did kick ass at fantasy football....sorry guys I had to rub that in your faces just one more time. I will again this year.Image

Anyway, I think the lack of any sporty skills whatsoever has brought out this athletic prowess in me. I love sports. Almost all sports. If I don't watch it, it is because I don't understand. Believe me I will get to it, though one day. Sometimes people will ask me why I watch certain last night i had this discussion with my aunt. Here are some reasons.


Football: I will never forget when the Vikings looked like they were going all the way and got beat by the Giants like 40 to nothing or some kind of score like that. I will never forget Leon Lett when he tried to showboat into the endzone and got the ball knocked out of his hands. I will never forget the Cowboys when Emmit and Troy and Michael were youngsters. I will never forget when Brett Favre played that game after the death of his dad and seemed like he had angels on his side.


Tennis: When you see the awesome Williams sisters play each other for the Wimbledon championship and Venus tells Serena....oh your trophy will look good in the case next to my two and they laugh about it. Or when Venus won her first one and her dad held the sign up. Or Andre Agassi and Sampras battling it out in a tie a match that seemed like it was hours. I had to watch tennis to understand it, the point to some people it looks boring. These players work their asses off though, just to get one point up there. So much passion in this sport it is never boring.


Golf: When you see Tiger Woods win his first Masters.....or watch a close game with the whole outcome depending on just one putt. No one will breathe just because it all depends on whether that ball goes in the hole or not.....yes I don't completely understand golf but I watch it. I watched some good ones too. I like Vijay Singh. There is so much passion in this sport it is never boring.


Boxing: Ah... The Contender really brought this sport back to me. If you never watched this show you need to. Yes we all know it is edited and they show only the best part of the bouts, god I wished they could do that with all boxing. I love grandpa was an awesome amatuer boxer and so were my uncles. I have been going to smokers and boxing matches since I was a kid. What a beautiful sport. There is so much more to it than guys beathing each other....there is strategy involved and you can see it in their faces. The reason why The Contender brought this sport back to me is because in this day and age everything is pay-per-view. I can't afford that. I remember my mom buying some Tyson fights that never went past the first round. I also remember the ol school of boxing. I remember watching Ali , Sugar Ray, Foreman, Boom Boom Mancini. I miss those days when pay-per-view didn't exist. There is so much passion in this sport , I love it!


Basketball: Two great moments I will never forget. When Jordan won it on Father's Day.....after his dad died. And he had the flu, made the last game winning shot...I cried right along with him. I also will never forget the Fab Five, does anyone remember when Chris Weber called a timeout and there was none left??? OMG I will never forget that. So much passion in this sport...I love it!


Baseball: You knew I was going to go here. Of course I will never forget any of the World Series Championships I witnessed my Yankees win. I can't even count how many times I watched them comeback to win in the bottom of the 9th. But there are other moments I can't ever forget. Like Rickey henderson breaking the stolen base record. I cried. Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa having that outstanding year in 98. I cried, Cal ripken breaking Lou Gehrig's old record. I cried. The Red Sox FINALLY winning and breaking the curse,...yes I hate them but I admit I shed a tear for them that day. So Sorry George Steinbrenner but you know like they say on White Men Can't Jump...."Even the sun shines on a dog's ass someday." There is so much passion in this sport for me, it's my favorite. I love it!

Sports to me is a passion. I can't get enough sometimes. ESPN is like a godsent gift to fans. I like my chik flicks and nerdy movies, reality shows, cooking shows, and so on. But to me sports is always real, right there in your face, playing with your emotions, & never a rerun. (though ESPN Classics is great for reruns) isn't the same to open a coldie and munch on some nachos to a chic flick.


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