Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Road

I started on this road, I guess when I was born.
Back then I was on cruise control, and just figured...yeah life is cool. My parents are ok to a point...they make good money where I am from and I grew up basically middle class.
Somewhere into adulthood I took a right when I was supposed to make a left and went down the dirt road full os bumps and bruises.
How the fuck did I end up here??
I was a 4.0 homecoming queen and now I am here?
I was a spolied little brat that wore $80 jeans and $75 dollars shoes???
Who the hell was I back then?
Granted, I babysat and cleaned for those clothes, but WTF?
Back then, on cruise control, I kind of thought life already had a plan for me. I thought the days of shoes and jeans would always be there.
Now going on that bumpy dirt road with my four kids in I miss those days?
Would I trade everything I have right now in for the days of cruise control, material shit, and every 45 I could get my hand on?
Well I wouldn't mind the 45's again, if I could get my hands on a turntable....but no.
I am glad life wasn't handed to me, even if it would have been easier.
I lived.


Alissa said...

You know I wouldn't trade my bumpy dirt road either. I've learned something from every bump, and turn and pothole. That's more than I can say for every $80 pair of jeans I used to own. We turned one way when we should have turned the other because we don't want people to tell us which way is better, we want to figure it out on our own, even if they're right...

JohnB said...

Karmic Dana....:)