Friday, January 12, 2007

Quirks, rocks, and a ring box..

I love things!
Not extravagant things! Just things.
I was talking to my friend Karin about this, tonight. I was talking about how, in a petty way, I am materialistic. Not that I need this and want that. Maybe that would be nice. I am in no way, shape or form, materialistic for the fact that I want other people to be impressed with my "things."
In fact, I would rather not let anyone even peer into my private collection.
I will tell you now, remember this is exclusive....what some of these things are.
I have a black rock fromthat time i went camping with my ex and two boys. I found the rock on the shore of Lake Pepin in Minnesota. It's cold, smooth and nice to feel. The campground was called Camp Hoksila and after cooking out and walking around the shore it stormed so bad we was stuck there until late the next afternoon. We didn't even know there was tornado warnings, the lightning scared us into our tents for what felt like FOREVER! Anyway I kept the rock because it felt nice to me and was pretty. Now I keep it for the memory.
I have a ring box that my niece bought me for my 8th birthday. Sounds weird huh? i was born on leap year, so my 8th birthday is when I turned 32. It looks like it is from a dollar store to me, but it also means the world to me to have it. I never see her anymore.
She is not my real niece, just a former best friends daughter. I do have something from my real niece, Chantiel. She lives in Hawaii. She sent a keychain that says Hawaii. To me, even though it is merely a touristy thing, it meant the world to me that she went out and bought it. Then mailed it. She took the time and that means everything.
I have two journals. writing has been important to me since way back, and used to be so private. In a way that is why I moved to blogspot, it is a little more private. it's like the depths of the purple journal I have filled with poetry. My mom gave me that for Christmas in 05. Purple...figures...Prince freak she is. Some of that poetry made it to 360.
I have yet to write in the red velvet journal my sister gave me, with the black satin orietal roses climbing up the side. I have yet to lay my felt tip pen in there. I adore and treasure journals. My first diary I had at age 7 and wished I held onto them. My family knows this, and they know how much writing is to me.
The one little thing, well ok there were hundreds if not of many things that i lost from my former gypsy lifestyle and I so regret is a small black beaded purse, from the 40's. I bought it at the antique mall I used to work at in Minnesota. It was beaded, flapper style and gorgeous. I heart handbags. Anyway on the inside was a dance ticket from 1949 and a dime from 1946. I loved it. i lost it in all the moves though. Sad.
Anyway, i don't know why i am materialistic this way. Why I hang onto little things...just a quirk of mine. But I love it.
Do you have anything you love, that nobody else understands?


Alissa said...

I still have the blanket that was in my crib as a baby. I don't sleep with it or anything, but it's in a closet on a shelf up high to keep it away from my kids. It's warn out and falling apart, but the material is soft, and I was so attached to it as a kid.

I also have a hankerchief and a music heart from my grandma. My grandma used to carry the hankerchiefs around all the time, and I gave her the heart that plays music for Christmas when I was 8. I remember picking it out, I didn't really read the message on the front, I just saw that it said something about God and knew she'd like it. When she died, I told my dad I wanted it back, and I love the little melody it plays. It reminds me of her. She had it on an end table in her livingroom. When I'd visit her, I would always wind it up, and play the music. Memories...

JohnB said...

What you describe is like a memories' manifestation...more a symbol than a thing, don't you think?

Anyway, I have this old beat-up dinosaur picture book from when I was seven...nobody gets it, but it reminds me of a time when the worries were mere wisps and the world was possibility...

Dana L said...

OMG, you are so right I am not materialistic. I am beans!

Missy A said...

I have a dinosaur, at least I think thats what it is had it since I was like 3, it's very small . It's not worth anything in $$, worth more than $$ too me though not material it's just the sentimental value. I don't know what it is exactly or how I got it but had that tiny thing for years.
John has a dinosaur thing too ?? hmmmm

big neddy said...

my mom feels really guilty that we lost alot of my childhood things during the many,many moves we had to make.
i told her i dont care, dont worry about it, but i think it still bums her out.
it would be cool to have some of that stuff.