Saturday, May 10, 2008

In The City

I am in the city I love to hate.

I went to the staff banquet lst night, first time I ate somewhere with more than one start from the outside right? At least thats what that cick from Texas on Titanic said. The waitress spilled water on my back and she got iffy with this dude named Roger, that I work with.

Roger didn't like ice tea. He wanted a cook, this young, eager to please waiter got Roger a coke. When he asked the waitress, who spilled water on my back for a coke...she said it wasn't on the menu the school paid for and he could go to the vending machines if he wanted a coke. He was like WHAT?

He ended walking to the vending machines to get a coke. Now I know it wasn't on the menu but surely there was coke in the kitchen.

Really is it that hard to get a coke from the customer service staff?

We need our coke, world.

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