Friday, May 30, 2008

New To Me Lappy and a hater

First off, my brother Trav is in town and I joined the revolution. I now have a more of my diseased up pc that takes almost as long to upload as it does for Paula Abdul to form a complete sentence. Yay for that!

Now i hired summer help. two are really cool, one isn't. He already missed a day, Fucks off. So today he tells me that some lady that I bought a quilt from don't like me. At all. I was like so?

He was like she said your writing is bland and you have nothing to talk about.

I was like well I do WRITE on the OPINION page andI don't give a fuck what she thinks, I don't even know her. She don't have to read it.

He was like I didn't mean to ruin your day.

I was like Why would it ruin my day, everyone has their own opinion and I don't write for her.

I write for me.

*in my mind I bitch slapped him*

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