Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday Five Most Memorable High School Memories

*a song from the days of yore

  1. My boyfriend Galen-He wasn't the one that I ended up with, or my first love. But he is the one I should have ended up with. The first gentleman I ever knew and he showed me how a woman should be treated, with respect. For god's sake he would even pull up to my house and give me a ride to school in the morning. Always coming in and shaking my step dad's hand and having coffee with him. He would joke, "so this is how you look in the morning." laugh with my step dad then say "still beautiful." This is the first time I thought of him in a long time, maybe because Tuesday would have been his 36th birthday. I miss him still. My step dad too, same birthday and I miss him. (He went to the rival high school...the one I work for now and he egged our homecoming hay ride lol)
  2. Winning State in basketball-I was a freshman when the boys took it and a junior when the girls took it. I was there both times, as a spectator for the boys and a cheerleader for the girls
  3. Homecoming-I really tried not to care, but my mom and four aunts with the same last name were all queens in the 70's. Tradition carried on. Now I just hang with queens.
  4. Football-Our team was awesome.Not awesome enough to go to state but they kicked alot of ass. What makes it memorable are the chilly fall nights, cheer leading, hot cocoa, screaming for a first down, my bf at the time was the all state quarterback and was bad ass. (Too bad he grew up to be a crappy dad.) HS football started a passion in me I carry to this day, I already am anxious for football season. Both pro and HS, my sons are badass too.
  5. Cruising-Doesn't sound tooo exciting, but when you live in the middle of nowhere, and that's all there is to know. I guess what makes it memorable is it was a time in my life I will never get back. We cruised and listened to music, so young, carefree, sorta innocent, life was forever and laughter and we were ignorant to the possibilities of growing up and having to deal with life. Our only worry was where the hell we put the Visine and gum. We cruised.


Mike S said...

Sad to think that when I was dating your polite young man's actions would be the norm.

Dana Dane said...

Galen was from a different era...he only listed to oldies music
maybe you would just call it mike.