Monday, May 12, 2008

Ina means mom

There was a lady named Molichika Beauvois. (left) Grandma Molly had 5 kids. She is in that picture with Louise and Julie. Grandma Louise is on the right. Julie in the middle. In this picture they are drying meat. Grandma Louise went on to marry Levi Amiotte and Grandma Julie married Jim Wilson.

Grandma Louise had 12 children. The two youngest were twins. She named them Darlene and Darwin. But they were nicknamed Dod and Bogie. dod is on the left, Bogie is in the middle and Erna is to the right, she was born a year before the twins. Bogie started me on my bartending skills by tipping me to get him a beer and dump his ashtray. Erna and Dod are the only two still alive. Dod lives on the reservation and Erna lives back in West Virginia.

Dod married a man named Hobart but the mariage didn't last. He was from the city and a boxer. They did have one girl from this marriage and named her Jeaneen. Jeaneen has no full brothers or sisters but she is the oldest of 8 on Dod's side and the oldest of six on Hobart's side. Jeaneen married Bob, her high school sweethear and had two children from him, but only stayed with him for 6 years. She then went on to marry a brilliant engineer from Iran named Behshid and then married Robert in 1982, whom she stayed with for 16 years.

The oldest of Jeaneen's is Dana who never married until after she had four kids. She married briefly like a damn celebrity but only because she does things in the moment, otherwise life will justv pass you by. While she is currently seperated, she is still happy and content with her life, not knowing if she will ever be able to have a man in her life yet.

Dana had only one girl after bearing 3 sons. She named her Justice.

Justice has dark eyes like all the women pictured above and reminds Dana of her mom.

dana 017

Let's hope she lives a long life, loves as much as all the women above and doesn't go through as much heart ache as they did and has beautiful daughter too. Good luck Justice.

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