Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sorry, but she is not you....

So he was here today, back on the reservation he promised many things.

Here is a link.

I didn't go, I watched it on the news like last time I was here when he was in 99 but at the time I was a big supporter of him.

I still think he's cool and whatever, but I don't really see all the progress he made here.

I know he had a big part in building the Suanne Center, which is great, I just wished it was in town...especially with the price of gas and wished it was fee for kids to attend. I know the $10 yearly membership fee isn't much, but when you think that the average per cap here is $6,000 a year which is probably mostly ot single parent families, which boils down to 500 a month and I know some families that live on less than that, the last thing you want to spend 10 bucks on is a yearly memebership to a Boys and Girls club for your kids to go somewhere that you can't afford the gas money or maybe don't even have a car to take them there. Most likely you will be buying the food on sale for the next 3 meals or maybe putting in enough gas to get you from point A to point B...and who knows? You might not even get to point B with these rates. I know becaus eI was there just a few, short 5 months ago.

Since Bill Clinton's last visit here, we moved from the poorest county in the nation to the second poorest. I heard him just now on the news, promising grants and money to help our people, not once mentioning treaties. I heard him saying we can move forward as America's forgotten people....I wondered if this is really so.

I remembered 9 years ago seeing Clinton sitting in the "Igs", (which is an area of housing here since no street here really has a name except Combat Alley, which is where all the bootleggers live,) anyway, Clinton sat on the steps of a lady's small 5 bedroom house. she begged him for change, she wanted a solution to the housing problem because she lived in her house with 28 other people. Clinton promised her a solution. The press took pictures of him on that rickety porch.

Next thing I know, the next time I came home, she is rollin in a nice car, has a nice house rset right where her old house used to be. I was like "DAMN...did he give her a car now???"

My cousins all laughed "No, she's just one of the biggest drug dealers in town now."

I was like WTF????

Yeah, it wasn't fair. But like all things good and easy, things must end...she ended up getting busted and going to prison.

Soooo............anyway, I didn't get to see Clinton, I don't support his wife either, if she really wanted our vote, she would come here herself. She, however, is not him...whih is too bad because I really used to like her and still admire her, except for the dirty politics she is playing. Maybe our voter turnout sucks like everywhere else, BUT I remember when I lived away from here and a couple of times, the power in the Senate or House came down to a county on a reservation in South Dakota. We matter, the news called us the "Forgotten Americans", fuck that...we will make a difference, even if we're poor.

Besides that I am a Lakota, before I am an American.

(And maybe I didn't get to see Clinton, but I did sell the handmade beaded bolo tie to the guy that picked it up so the kids can present it to him, you will see in the future if the "hex" I put on it worked. ;)

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