Thursday, May 22, 2008

Welcome to my couch...

So I never let shit get me down.

I get pissed and I cry and it's over.

I am by no means Mary Poppins.

But I don't elaborate over my feelings and slurp smart water in some persons office that has a piece of paper on the wall that allows them to charge hundreds an hour to listen to MY problems.

I mean why pay someone to listen to MY problems when I created them, or gave someone else the ability to make me care enough that I think it's a problem.

Not like I would be able to actually pay someone that money.

I just don't think of life as being that hard that I need to pay for someone to listen.

I just go with the flow and if I have a problem, I blog it.

And I listen.

*scratches chin*

Gotta problem? I listen...welcome to my couch in the middle of nowhere.

(If you want to see my qualifications, I was "Dear Angel" in the jr high paper.)

1 comment:

Mies said...

Hey there Dana...I personally think we always know the solutions to our problems.....The real problem is if we are willing to except it...
I know this from many years of living with myself..