Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Giant Chasing Us

"Run!!" he hollers at me from the other side of the plum trees. "I hear him coming!"

I listen and hear the footsteps in the dry weeds. I get out of my hiding spot by the cherry tree and run after my little brother.

"He's right behind us." I try to whisper as I run up beside him. Our two dogs are going crazy with fear, running with us and crying. "Which way shall we go?"

Travis was two years younger than me, but always the decision maker. I was huffing and puffing but too scared to stop.

"Let's go for the underpass, under the highway,as long as we make it there." He says.

Behind us we could hear the giant getting closer and closer. I scream and run faster. Travis falls. I have to run back and help him up.

"Just go." he says with a look of fear in his eyes. I don't look back, I just want to get my brother. We know our destination is the row of cottonwood trees. Knowing on the other side of those we are safe.
"Just get up," I tell him "He's gonna get you!!" I grab his hand and together we take off towards the cottonwoods.

I could hear the giant half breathing and half growling. Hungry for little Indians kids.

We make it to the old cottonwood with friendly branches. We give each other a knowing look and climb up so far even the giant can't reach us. When we get to the top and catch our breath, I look at Travis.

He already is staring off in the distance like he is bored.

"What shall we play now?" I ask him.

"I dunno, it's your turn to pick." he says.

*'Twas the days before internet and video games.

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Mike S said...

I think it shows in the lack of imagination of many of the young folks today too.