Monday, April 28, 2008

What a weekend

I had a blast.

R and I went to the fights Saturday. The Lakota fighters represented....afterwards we hit the bars and then our room. It was kinda cool because we walked all over. We caught a cab to the fights and back but we walked from club to club and I never laughed so hard in my life.

I got back into town yesterday and picked up my little cousin Paco on the way. he's at my house now. He is my double cousin...weird and a cool little shit.

I was complaining in my blog about how my son pushes me away. We had a mother son bonding yetserday. I was telling my sons about the fights and how proud they would be of the Lakota boys that fought. So Jalen says, now I suppose you think you're tough becuase you went to the fights. I was I already knew that before. So he was like let's go then. So we squared off and got in a wicked tap fight. It was fun, we wwere both laughing and fighting at the same time. I caught one upside the head and I saw the look of pure evil in his eye, i thought....he still loves his mama and I cuffed him upside the head.


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Mike S said...

I got some old practice gloves around here some place if ya need them. hehehe:)