Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Walking Lakota

*pic by my sis

Some other tribes don't like us. Even other Lakota tribes or Sioux tribes. I don't know why, I have no problems at all with them, even if they use white beans on thier indian tacos or make their bread different or bead with two needles.

But I had other people say stuff to me while living away. Some not even realizing I was from Pine Ridge at all. I once remarked to a girl who worked for me, about how many other people shopin the town we lived in. She said "Thank god we live to far for people from Pine Ridge to shop here. Those f*ckers are crazy."

I gave her a messed up look because I didn't know if she was seirious or joking. When she saw the look on my face she kind of got a worried look and said "I was just teasing."

I laughed with her but noticed she didn't hang with me at lunch anymore.

In the same town another lady knocked on my door and asked if I knew a lady that lived in the same hood. I told her I just moved there. She said "Me too. I am from so and so reservation. Where are you from?"

"Pine Ridge." I said

"Oh ok" she backed away. I was like WHAT THE HELL is up? My dad says it is because of our fearless ancestors.

Then I realized it was the same old thing as other reservations in other states. People hear that I am from Pine Ridge and assume I am mean, brave, tough, crazy etc.

I don't think I am. One time I was with this crazy chick who talked to trees and plants and stuff (Don't ask, she was a friend I inherited from my mom and my kids got a kick out of her goofiness.) I told her I saw a mouse on her dashboard, now granted she might have had mice living in her car. But she said that was my spirit animal, that is why I saw it.

"Why do you say that?" I asked her and wondered if she talked to the trees like that too.

"Because you are like a mouse. You are brave and tough even if you don't feel like it. did you ever see a mouse give up, even when it is trapped in a cat's mouth? Or find a way out of a corner?"

I thought that was a cool explaination, even though many of you know I am terrified of mice.

My tribe has a rep, whether it is good or bad, I don't know. I guess I Walk Lakota, even though I have my phobias.

Like my uncle said to the reporters last year when he was asked if he felt like the reputation we carried as Lakota was deserved;

"No, it was earned."

Bad ass Lakota.

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