Thursday, April 24, 2008

Goin on in my life

  • I am switching back to the left for my political party just so I can vote in the SD primary, we might actually matter this year.
  • Yesterday was an awesome thunderstorm and sunset. The lightning was above the sun, looked like a scene out of LOTR.
  • Diet is going good, water water water....and I went for a muddy walk this morning. It was cold, and I was thinking *F*CK I should skip today. Then, I just thought of this 80 yr old Rose lady I knew in Minnesota that walked in blizzards even, because she survived cancer and loved her daily walks.
  • I'm going Saturday to Ring Wars in the nearest city with my best friend R, it's UFC style fighting and we are staying the night to go out on the town. *Diet in mind*
  • Since waking before the sun, I feel more energetic.
  • I had to be a hard ass at work yesterday and almost feel guilty about it....almost. But hey I have rules vendors have to follow.
  • I reposted my Indian Taco recipe for that sassy redhead from Oklahoma. Check it out in the recipe section. I am also working on proposing a pilot for food network called "Bitchslapped in The Kitchen."
  • btw that pic os of my sister Jonna by my sister Jaida,they are in Oklahoma's a link to her photostream...holler at her, she is awesome.

Have a good's Thursday for cripes sake.

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