Wednesday, April 16, 2008

one hand in my pocket

(debs did a blog that made me think tonight)

i like to think for the most part i am a good person yet not innocent

i like to think i have a blackened heart of gold.

i talk shit and don't know what i am saying

imma good mom but not the best

i'm smart and don't know shit

i write and can't properly write a sentence

i cuss but have a halo *over my horns*

i like the way this fog feels but will be happy to quit taking these pills

i am proud of my culture,heritage, etc but sick of feeling seperate

i want world peace but know it will never ever happen

i'm happy to be single but want love

i'm a mean sweetheart

i'm a great wife...estranged

i love my family....from afar

i don't really know who i am

and my bathtub faucet leaks

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