Monday, April 14, 2008

The Blog without a name

This blog has no name because I don't know what to write about. My writing has been so sporadic anymore. Of course, I am busy with work and such. But my column went for two weeks without

My mentor told me "Writing a weekly column is easy, you sit in front of the computer and sweat blood."

It does get to be overwhelming at times, thinking of something to write about.

I visit with family and friends over issues that matter or don't matter to me and that's who inspires me. My friend Ron, my dad, my mom, my uncle Jerry, my brothers and sisters. Most of what I write comes from them, and somehow I get the credit for it. I am thankful I know so many cool people that helped me for the year and a half writing my column.

I am thankful for everyone I met via internet....first on Yahoo and then here. Sometimes people say about my friends list. But yeah do you really know these people? I admit, I wouldn't know some if they stood up in my soup, but I do KNOW you all. If it wasn't for such a cool friends list, I wouldn't have felt I could actually attempt to do a column. I remember when I first started blogging on 360, I was like my only Then my friends Ron and Jase. Then my family. It just built from there.

In december of 2005 I was at a convention for my job and there was a free psychic reading there from a lady by the name of Anna B. My friend and I decided to give it a try together, I wanted someone to be with me because psychics kind of scare me, I didn't want her to tell me I was doomed or something.. She gave like free 5 minute reading although mine was actually like 3 and a half minutes and I couldn't demand my money back since it was free.

This is what she said "You like to write, don't you" I nodded and she said "You just started writing and reaching out to people. Keep it up because someday that writing will get you places. You will be known for it and for making a difference for your people. I see you writng a book someday....not now, but maybe when you're like 40. You also had a traumatic childhood."

She threw that last sentence in there as a bonus, I think. It must have been so traumatizing that I don't remember, but anyway everything else she said was good and came true. I have four years left to write a book, though.

Anyway, I guess I just wanted to say thanks for tthe inspiration.

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