Thursday, November 15, 2007


I woke up this morning because something woke me up. I lay still and quiet and didn't hear it again. So I didn't bother to open my eyes. Then I heard it again. i was sorta like a low growl and halfway like a moan. Like someone was outside my window with an ax and killer dog. I lay there breathless....trying to force my life to flash in front of my eyes. Thinking my final thoughts. I don't hear the texas chainsaw outside anymore so I take a breath of relief. And...

I hear it again.

From my right nostril. Yup I am stuffy, sinuses screwed up, and I realize that that cold I was avoiding finally caught me.


Anywayz...esterday I went with my aunt out to the trading post to sell some shit. On the way out there I had a BRILLIANT idea! We have a term here on the rez, I am not sure how it is spelled

but it is WaChinko

Which means pout. But we laugh at people who are Wa Chinko...and say where is your Wa Chinko bag.

So I had this idea for a sort of gag gift for office christmas parties around here to sell Wa Chinko bags. Which would be sorta decorated and include kleenex, condoms, wet wipes, a bar of soap, etc.

I will take any suggestions on what to put in these pout bags. today I will be busy as hell, tomorrow will be my first time going to sell at the hospital. which is HUGE and full of doctors and nurses who love beadwork. I usually sell to various other programs and stuff around here, but I think this will be fun and hopefully profitable. I even have to go get a permit like thingy to sell there.

Anywayz I have to go bead, I will pop in and out all day but try not to be too charming ok? I really have to bead.

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