Tuesday, November 6, 2007


*I don't think I have to tell anyone that my sister ttok the pic*

Yesterday-I was jumping in all the leaves my dad just raked and throwing them up in the air. Travis was laughing and my dad, instead of getting mad jumped in with us.

Yesterday my Aunt Cathy and her friend got high while they were baby-sitting me. I don't know exactly what I did to make them laugh so much, but I was a star.

Yesterday I would go on the adventure of walking to the store to buy penny candy with my aunt's. Then we would have a picnic on the BIA gass.

Yesterday my brother and I would play guns in the dried out creek bed behind Grandma Coba's house. I would look at it and wonder where the water went and how it looked when it had water.

Yesterday I would lay out in the lawn all night with my friend Andrea and we would look at the stars and dream big of leaving the reservation.

Yesterday I knew I would grow up and have children. I would imagine my wedding a hundred different ways.

Yesterday I was the shy girl at school who fell in love with the quarterback.

Yesterday I knew at age 20 I was ready for the boy I gave birth to with the big eyes from the quarterback who wasn't a quarterback anymore.

Yesterday they told me I had a girl, she was beautiful. I named her Justice.

Yesterday I finally got my house and moved my kids back to the reservatrion I dreamed of leaving when I was a young girl.

Yesterday, I was proud to be Lakota.

Today is just another day, but where did all this time go.

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