Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sunny Day...sweeping up clouds away

One thing that was constant in my life growing up was Sesame Street. No matter where we moved, we at least had PBS. So I learned my ABC's and limited Spanish from Sesame Street.

Despite having the much cooler Nickelodeon and more hip Cartoon Network, I still try to make my kids watch Sesame Street at that age. Because seriously, all those Pickles' kids taught was to run away and get lost....and to continue the baby talk.

So a few years ago, when I heard some preacher was condemning Bert and Ernie for being gay, I was like "Who thinks like that?"

Then the more I thought about it, I was like well, it's none of my business if they are BUT if they ask why my cousin Bobby is the way he is, I will say "Remember Bert and Ernie?"

So yesterday, as I am screwing around on the computer I heard on CNN, that parents are complaining about Sesame Street because:

  • Oscar is too mean.
  • Cookie Monster has a bad diet.
  • Big Bird is the only one that can see Snuffleupagus.

HUH? Ok I admit, it kinda creeps me out when Snuffy would come out of the shadows saying "Heeey Bird?" Plus he's a mammoth! How dare they make mammoths real when they are extinct! But I guess, since he only comes around when Big Bird is on an acid trip, it's ok for him to be extinct.

Then there's the issue with Cookie Monster! The epitomy of all American's bad diet. I mean it's ok for Mommy to stuff that pack of Chips Ahoy, but not a character who's name is Cookie Monster. And why didn't they mention Grover? Who never eats? He is so obviously anorexic...and dillusional. I mean, he thinks he can fly for cripes sake.

And Oscar, I really don't think he's mean, maybe just a tad anti-social. He probably just has that same thing Rickey Williams has and don't like being around people. Nobody said anything about Elmo's hyper little ass. He is truly nuts to be laughing all the time. Or the fact that those Honk Honk twins give a bad rap to conjoined twins, by just honking all the time and never talking. Or what about Mrs. Piggy dating Kermit, why don't she stick to her own kind?

Ok, so Sesame Street has a whole lot of dysfunctional characters. I mean the average American family is probably more messed up and doped up than that lot I described up there. Don't even let me start with my family.

So Mrs. Nesbitt, or whatever your name is who was complaining...calm down and take your Gas-x, it's a kids show.

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Mike S said...

It's so simple to blame our failure to teach our children on a TV show. When I was young, it was 'vile radio shows' and 'comic books' that took the blame.