Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Thee State Challenge

This is in response to this blog and the state challenge...sorry my internet was out for two days and yes i went nuts for those two days.

So I went shopping on Saturday with my auntie and son. I tried to make them get in the picture but they wouldn't.
So here is how I threw down with the shopping cart.

I am very good at bargaining when I shop. I can smell a clearance sale from a mile away. So first off I will list my purchases directly from my receipts.
From Safeway with my Safeway Savings card I purchased the following:
Emeril's Asian Seasoning on clearance $ .94
Kedem Tea Biscuits .50
Family pack of Chicken Drumsticks 50% off w/card 3.30
Safeway brand plain yogurt .60
Total 5.34

From Walmart
ginger root .30 white onion .49
greenbeans .36
roma tomatoes .55
garlic .25
jalepeno .06
mushroom .41
sweet potato .60
instant oatmeal .98
southwest chili kit on clearance 1.00
mini one time use double chocolate coffee 1.00
6 packages of ramen noodles at 10 cents each .60
tea .98
sugar packets (raw sugar) .60
small pumpkin pie (on clearance) .35
store brand vinegar .53
Kikkoman soy sauce 1.14
Small can spinach .58
Tuna .58
Vienna sausage 1 can .40
Small can mushrooms 1.08
Small can of lima beans .68
Margarine .50
5 lbs of rice store brand 2.18
wal mart total $15.97

Wal Mart total $15.97
Safeway total $5.34

Here are some tips- I searched for the smallest veggies, like onion, sweet potato,etc. I also peeled off several cloves of garlic, and cut a piece of the gingerroot off so I could get them to weigh less. I didn't buy any bread because even though I love it, it is not healthy for you and you get hungry like half hour later. Plus everything to go with bread costs way too much, such as PB&J or bologna. I also bought tea with Raw sugar so I can have some caffiene plus the one time use chocolate coffee for my divulgence. The chicken had 14 drumsticks which equal out to two a week so as long as I have stuff to "Flavor" it I should be ok, I can live on small amounts of food as long as I have flavor.

Now had I shopped at the evil empire of a store here on the reservation, it wouldn't have been as healthy or as much. So you do have to count in that it took an hour over, an hour back and an hour or so of shopping. I love challenges with an amount though and this was fun, I won't lie though at the moment I am hungry, my daughter ate my vienna sausages, everyone dipped into my pretzels and I can't find my tea biscuits...I know someone took off with them. Grrrr...

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Josie Two Shoes said...

Are they claiming that you are supposed to be able to feed your whole family on $3 per day, or $3 per person? Even at one person that wouldn't make for much variety or healthy eating. SIGH Because you also have to drive to Chadron to get these prices, there is the huge cost of gas as well. I know if you bought it at the store in Pine Ridge, even if you could find it there, it would cost twice as much! I thought you did amazingly well to buy so much with so little, but I know it doesn't keep a family from feeling hungry.