Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Yoo Hoo, Yahoo!

How many years was I addicted to yoYahoo ass?

My email which is a corny mayfair94 because you so granted me that email, named after my favorite witch family in Anne Rice's trilogy when she "used" to write fascinating books....i built off of that email, My Yahoo...went in many chat rooms...yes I did, back in the day, don't act like you didn't...Yahoo Sports which included many many fantasy teams, some with trophies...built my first blog...which in turn gave me many wonderful friendships....I loved you Yahoo, praised you and was addicted to you.

I left you because you turned your back on your people, but I always thought, someday...someday I can go back....then I get this email...from a friend.

It was a comic posted in honor of


The one day so many of you deem yourself thankful to be "Mary Can."

If this is how you honor Thanksgiving Yahoo then fuck you, I will smile again next time I hear your stock dropped. Bastards. To think I gave you credit when other's were saying fuck you?

> If that is how you want to honor Thanksgiving (gluttony would have been funnier) then you are damn lucky, Yahoo that you wasn't on the Mayflower, starving on that coast, digging up burial mounds for the corn that tribe buried their people with, because if I was at Plymouth Rock back then, when you...Yahoo was starving, that wishbone would have been sticking outta your Yahoo ass.


Dorid said...

Yahoo didn't originate that comic. It has a contract to do a whole list of editorial contracts and doesn't review them. If they've been published in the paper, they go up.

One thing you SHOULD know before you get pissed off is that Lalo Alcaraz, that particular editorial comic's creator, is a longstanding advocate of minority and civil rights, and was making a statement about the HISTORY involved... that the Whites wish that the Indigenous people weren't around, and the subsequent attempts at genocide have reduced the population and devestated the cultures that were here originally.

Lalo Alcaraz himself would not be one to wish away Indigenous culture.

I have to say, as an editorial comic, this PARTICULAR one wasn't totally successful. But I've seen enough of his work to know what he's getting at here.

Too bad that so many people think "Thanksgiving" was a wonderful celebration of peace and unity between Euros and Indians. Let's face it, once they were grateful we helped them survive, it was small-pox blankets and relocations.

I say Kudos to Lalo Alcaraz for pointing that out on a day most people are too stuffed with turkey and pie to give a damn.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is this Shit? Dumb asses! Who in their right mind fuckin publishes shit like that? Racist bastards!

Dana Dane said...

Well, I can see him pointing that out...and I can see why.

But it still offends me.

Anonymous said...

yeah! i jumped the gun. But it can give the wrong impression! - Jase

Dana Dane said...

Jase...you didn't jump the gun...of ALL people that know when you jump the gun it is me. I jumped the gun,...and still will. i can see someone "making a point" for us and I can see someone being "PC." So who determines it is totally inappropriate when it has to do with our genocide?

I'm sorry Dorid, it is easy for you to say this and that, but you was never born and raised...neither was Jase but he is damn close...
on a rez.
There is a fine line between that and this.
Once again , just my humble opinion...sorry.