Friday, November 16, 2007

Dear Barbie and fellow freaks

Ok this shit is getting out of hand.  I can't take it anymore.  I have a bathroom, it's pretty much the girls bathroom here.  The boys stink up and clean their bathroom with the only shower in the house.  I don't mind having the bathtub because I personally prefer taking a bath to taking a shower.

BUT I have to evict you Barbie, this shit ain't right.  You LIVE in my bathtub.  You don't pay rent.  You go around all naked with you hair all wet all the time.  you invited all those little Bratz hoochies with no feet over.  Next thing I knew you have My Little Pony all up in my tub with all you hooches.  Everytime I go to take a bath I have to take you all out and put you in the sink...when I go back in there, you're all in the tub again!  Looking like the Tila Tequila show rejects in my tub.

So when I go to dump the kids off at the pool today i look over and see you all passed out, naked with the Bratz hoochies, My Little Pony passed out puking in the drain and then I see her little ghetto ass.

Dora Explorer.

And her monkey Boots.  And her backpack backpack backpack is gone.  I know the Bratz hoochies jacked her when you all got her drunk.  I know we live in the ghetto but leaave Dora out of it.

Barbie you are an evil bitch.  If you don't move the hell out of my tub you will die a slow painful death by The Girl.  And you seen her kill the other barbies like a Nazi.

So even though The Girl put you there, you must leave.  Or She will kill you.

Consider yourself warned


*pic of Barbie and her beav was taken from yahoo image Search from some perv's flickr.*


Anonymous said...

are you sure that's not britney spears showing us her peaches...again!!

Phil said...

Damn, girl, I sense me so anger there. Dora! Muy mal!