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One of my favorite challenges-interviewing Jim Thorpe

I did this challenge on 360. It was one of the best ones I did and I never transferred it to multiply or blogspot. I thought I would do that today. In fact there are a bunch I want to save over here, in case, you know...Yahoo self implodes.

One accomplishment I didn't include was the fact that Jim Thorpe hit 3 homeruns into three different states in one game. The other day soemone commented on my blog about him and I noticed on ESPN how they rated him 6th all time greatest college football player. Plus maybe all the great games this weekend made me re-post this. Anyone catch that LSU/Kentucky game? How does that shit happen?

Interviewing The Greatest Athlete of All Time.
This is my interview according to MYK's challenge. when he first issued this challenge I knew immediately who I was going to interview that passed....the greatest athlete ever....Jim Thorpe. So last night I burned some sage, got out the Ouija board, and lit some candles. After channeling the spirit of Jim Thorpe....he appeared.
(DL is me obviously, and JT is him.)
DL: Mr. Thorpe, I would like to welcome you to my blog....The Middle of Nowhere....I am truly not worthy.
JT: *looking around* Nice place you got here Dana Dane...nice theme....Go Yankees!
DL: *flustered* OMG...You like the Yankees...I didn't think you would since, you know, you played for the Giants and all.
JT:*winks* We are all Yankee fans in heaven, why do you think they have so many World Series Titles.....because of money?? *loud evil laugh*
DL: *laughing evil* Did you catch the games yesterday?
JT: Sure did...true Yankee fashion.
DL:Absolutely....the best . I feel sorry for the poor bastards they were playing....I can't remember who it was.
JT: Me neither.
DL: Anyway, once again I would like to thank you for leaving your haunts to attend this interview...I am truly not worthy.
JT: *winks* Anything for a Lakota woman.
DL: *giggle* Ok my first question is this....In 1950 the AP sports writers took a poll to see who the "the greatest male athlete of the first half of 2oth century was." You received 262 vote while greats like Babe Ruth, Jesse Owen, Red Grange received 141 combined. How did that make you feel?
JT: wow....great first question...of course I was pleased back then. I think if they was to do the poll today...if they haven't already....Mohamed Ali would run away with it. I am honored today that you knew that as I was back then. I believe the passion and determination for the love of the sport helps to achieve such things. Judging from the highlighted blogs in your gallery I would say you are passionate about sports.
DL: I am. That is why I chose to interview you and plus I wanted to bring you back some of that glory in the 360 spotlight to people who may have never heard of you.
JT:Aw...thanks sweety.
DL: So you are from the Sac and Fox Tribe, great great grandson of Chief Black Hawk. How does it feel to have such a respected man as your grandfather?
JT: I have said this before "I am no more proud of my career as an athlete than I am of the fact that I am a direct descendant of that noble warrior."
DL:Not to be "cliche" because I am here to talk sports but did "Growing up Indian" have anything to do with your career or maybe presented some roadblocks?
JT: Hmmmm. I never seen road blocks, in fact my Indian name given to me by my mother is Wa-Tho-Huk, meaning Bright Path. I believe I have always found those paths...whether I face racism, or the death of my twin brother Charlie ar age 8. My mom died when I was it was hard but I always found the Bright Path.
DL: That's right I read fact, is that when you decided to go to Carlisle Indian School ...after your mom passed?
JT: No it was 3 years later I met with the rep from there and signed up to go when I was 18. My dad passed soon after I left so I just decided to stay.
DL: Ok, now i have a rumor I need to put to Carlisle you lettered in 11 sports, right.
JT: Correct.
DL: Did you also take ballroom dancing?
JT: *chuckles* Intercollegiate Ballroom Dancing Champion 1912...Would you like to dance?
DL: *giggles and blushes* Oh Mister Thorpe my readers don't want to see me step on your toes...they want to read about how you defeated Harvard (the defending champion) in 1911, single-handedly, with a score of 18-15.
JT: Well it wasn't just me, though I did have 1 touchdown that day, 1 extra point and 4 field goals. Back then a touchdown was worth 5 points.
DL: *adding with her fingers* but, wait, that's 18 points?
JT: Smart girl, so you are a Thorpe? *wink*
DL: *laughing* Yes I wanted to know how you felt about my high school taking your last name as a mascot name...the Pine Ridge Thorpes? Are you offended, as some Indians are of Redskins or Braves?


JT: Hell no....your school has done the Thorpe name proud. It's an honor to be represented by a school with so many athletic accomplishments.
DL: And the fact that we are from a different tribe never bothered you?
JT: No you Lakotas have all the good lookin women, I say. *wink*
DL:*blushing* MR. THORPE! *flustered* Ok let me get back to the interview...another rumor my 11th grade history teacher told me....Did you really kick off, then intercept it to run it back for a touchdown?
JT: *loud laugh* No comment.
DL:Well, ok then was it true you scored 2-90 plus yard touchdowns in a game against the Army?
JT: No.
DL: No? Are you sure? Because in my notes here it says....
JT: What happened was this, we were at the 8 yard line....and when I got the ball I seen an opening so I ran through it for 92 yards. Just our luck a flag was thrown and the penalty was on us. So they put us back to the 3 yard line. When I got the ball again, I couldn't believe the same hole was there! So I ran through it for a 97 yard touchdown. You know I played against Ike Eisenhower that day?
DL: Who?
JT: Dwight Eisenhower?
DL:Who?....oh you mean that guy who was president right?
JT: So you are a Pine Ridge Thorpe. *chuckling*
DL: Alright enough of that....Mr. Thorpe. I didn't know Mr...uh President Eisenhower played that day, but I do know you scored every point in that 27-6 victory that day. with 2 touchdowns, 1 touchdown pass, 3 extra points, and 3 field goals....correct?
JT: there any way to stay humble in this interview?
DL: was also All american Halfback that what is up with that....Halfback? Scoring touchdowns.....kicking field goals....throwing touchdowns.....?
JT: Well we was a small school and all had to step it up a notch....besides football was harder on a person back then....look at the helmets we wore...they did nothing to protect us.
DL: You also played baseball....did the Pirates really offer you a blank check?
JT: They did, but I wanted to play football in school instead.
DL: Ok now before I get to the Olympics....I want to talk about those 2 controversial summers of 1909 and 1910. You played minor league ball in Rocky Mount, NC.?
JT: I did. I made $25 a week. I had no idea it would come back to haunt me. I just needed a job and hey, if I could get paid doing something I loved to do...i just went for it I guess.
DL: You started training in the Olympics in 1911 under your Carlisle coach "Pop" Warner for the decathalon and pentathalon. Rumor has it on the ship to Sweden you did no training at all. That you laid on a deck chair all day sleeping.


JT:*laughing* That is true.....everyone thought I was lazy....nobody in those days ever thought to mentally prepare for a competition.
DL: True, true, that makes must have worked you won the pentathalon on the first day of the Olympics. now is it true it was in borrowed shoes?
JT: *laughing* I couldn't find my shoes and we borrowed a sprinters shoes. Pop hammered in some spikes for me before the hurdles.
DL: Soon after that you won the decathalon with 8,412 points 700 over the 2nd place guy, who was from Sweden....was that the highlight to go in and kick the ass of the hosting country?
JT: No it had to be when Sweden's King Gustav called me down from the medals stand and gave me gifts from Russia and Sweden.
DL: And he said "You sir, are the greatest athlete in the world."
JT: do your research.
DL: And I seen the movie of your life in school. Now this is the part of the interview I didn't want to go to....January 1913. Tell me about it?
JT: Oh boy.....I was on top of the world...after having won the 2 medals.....I was also finishing school and had just gotten married....when the news broke that I played minor league ball.
DL: Who broke the news to you and how did you feel?
JT: Pop called me in his office and asked if it was true...I said yes. I had no idea it was so bad. I worked other jobs I hated and I thought it was a good way to make money. I had no was wrong.
DL: Yes in this day and age it's ok to make millions and still compete....but in February of that year you returned the medals to the IOC after their investigation. The 2 guys that placed 2nd refused to take your did that feel?
JT: Not that I was ungrateful...but it did hurt me just as much to have that honor and support from them as it did to be stripped of the medals.
DL: how did you deal with it or overcome it.
JT: Well I signed a 6 year contract with the New York Giants....but I wasn't very happy for those 6 firstborn son died, my marriage fell apart and I didn't get along with my coach.
When they came to me with the prospect of starting the NFL, I immediately wanted in. Football was always where my passion lies and I could pour my emotions into it.
DL: In fact wasn't you the first president of the NFL?
JT: I was. I played until 1929. I think the best time I had was playing for the Oowang Indians....An All Indian team out of Ohio.
DL: Wow...I never knew they existed. Mr. Thorpe...I will let you end this interview when, where ,and the way you want to. I don't want to disrespect you or talk about things in your life that you don't want to. To are the greatest athlete ever.
JT: Thank you Dana Dane...I know what part of my life you are talking about and I have regrets...we all do. Thanks for respecting that and keeping the interview...though long, about sports.
Mr. Thorpe gets up and shakes my hand. He turns to walk his bright path.
"Wait Mr. Thorpe...I forgot one more thing!"
He turns and looks at me
"Is it true that one time you was prairie dog hunting and when you went to retrieve the prairie dog, your bullet hit you in the hand?"
He laughs and shakes his head...."Dana if you wanted to see the bullet wound you should have just asked me." He winks and turns to walk away.
I smile with a lump in my I think of how his gold medals were given back to his children by the IOC on January 18, 1983....30 years after his death and 70 years after they were taken away.
Thorpe_Jim_01olmpianthorpjt1jtthorpe5gold medalgold medal


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sheesh what was long!! how about a crazy horse interview? he probably doesn't do interview tho huh? - Jase

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that wasn't long the font was big dork