Friday, January 4, 2008

Blogger Burn Out

I got it.
I am tired of blogging for the time being...which in blogworld means about 2 days.
Maybe even one day. You know I can't stay away.
I keep thinking why the hell do I blog?
Then I see some of the stuff I wrote and really am glad I did it.
Back when I first started it was for me...then it was for other people, like I really did care if someone did read it.
Now it is for me and for other people.
I realize that some people in this world do care what I have to say. which is nice because there are alot of things I would like people to be aware of.
I am going to take a little bit of time off just to get my ducks in a row and rest on my laurels...I always love sayings in which I have no idea where my ducks or laurels are.
Or why can't my ducks rest and my laurels be in a row?
Just teasing....anyway
I have some serious burnout from writing and probably from starting the new job.
I haven't even blogged on Multiply today...oh my!
I will be back...gimme two days because you know once an addict...always an addict.
We seriously need some rehab for blogging!
Love whoever reads!
Except for Red Sox fans...then it's only Lauri I heart.
PS-To the guy who came in the store today, I know I told you about this blogspot and sorry for taking a break now...go to my archives back to last January when I started blogging here, those are my greatest


Lauri said...

To my favorite Yankees fan -

You're leaving, just when I have come back to catch up with reading your (and everyone's) blog. I have been a BAD reader and commenter. Well, I will be here when you return. New job??? See, I am missing so much. OK, now I will work my way back through your entries to find out about your job.

Happy New Year!

The Black Hornet said...

*I* knew about your new job!