Monday, January 14, 2008


Last week was stressful.

Due to my ex-monster.

I don't know what his deal is. I was trying to be a cool baby mama. Not asking for child support even though he has NEVER paid. Letting him take the boys for the weekend. Of course, he never tried to be in their life until I got my house, then when I got married last year he chased my husband away.

When I stayed in podunk for the rest of the summer I let him and his fugly chick watch my house and boys. When I came back I let them stay in the basement until they found their own place. Instead of looking for a place to live they go and get pregnant (supposedly.)

So I kick them out. The night I kick them out of my house her windows on her brand new car get smashed and little ol me gets the blame. First off WHY the HELL would I break the bitch's windows out when 1: I want her to leave. and 2:I don't want her man and haven't for 8 years....I had that mofo for 11 years and he isn't worth a plugged nickel...or the 5 minutes.

So anyway even living with his mama now, he was still coming over to my house. Acting like he can ust walk in and shit. The last straw wason New Years when we was having a birthday dinner for my friend mother, (who happens to be his cousin, actually everyone there was HIS relations, but I have been involved with this family for so long, they all treat me as part of the family.)

So after that incident and him coming to my new job and telling me he was going to get me kicked out of my house and his girlfriend calling my house over and over, I got a protection order and we go to court on Feb 4th. I am willing to grant visitation rights only IF he agrees to pay child support.

So if I didn't answer any messages or email last week, that is what I was going through.

Seriously, I am not a dramatic bitch, I hate drama and don't like feeding it but DAMN why do I gotta have drama with a man I haven't wanted for 8 years?

This weekend was peaceful, with lasagna and good football on TV.

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Daisy said...

What... the... FLIP!

Baby daddies suck! I hope you get all this straightened out and he gets put in his place. Good for you for staying strong on the issues and not letting him run all over you!