Thursday, January 31, 2008

This is me...whoever that is.

Here I am at age 35 almost 36 and still wondering what I will be. Not what I am, I think I know what I am and I know what other's perception of me is.
What I mean is what will I be?
What of me will carry on other than DNA.
Will I leave a mark?
As waves lap on shores and prairie grass blows in the wind, will I be remembered?
What will be remembered?
The fact that I like to laugh, mostly at myself but laughter is what makes life so fun.
Or will I be remembered for the fact that I am ok being alone. There is nothing wrong with being single and I wished I could shake that into the mind of every low self esteem everywhere.
Yes I got married on a whim but it was fun while it lasted and I am glad it didn't.
I love the solitude of me.
I don't know. I can sit and wonder about what I am or who I am or what people will remember...but I will never know.
I just hope I
Know what I mean?

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