Friday, January 4, 2008

Repubs For Obama

I DO love him and I am not just saying that for Daisy.
Last night, after watching his speech just confirmed my vote.
How could you not vote for him?
Every four years since I was 18, I have voted. One year I almost cried until my mom took me to the polling place and actually voted herself, first time in 28 years. So every leap year is about politics, summer olympics, and my real birthday.
Almost everyone knows I am to the right and I DID NOT vote for the last administration.
I am actually left and right on certain issues, but made the switch back in 2002 for my own personal reasons.
Everyone always asks me, "Why don't you just be independent?"
As if, just because I am a repub I am all evil and crap.
I don't support the war, the death penalty, nor am I an evangelical christian...I am me.
Single mom of four, now working, and one of the few people who are willing to be who I am, despite which party I am registered under.
Check you all later.
Go Obama!

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