Thursday, January 17, 2008

Random Writing Challenge Number 11

In the Random Writing Challenge Group the phrase "If I have to play that board game one more time" was chosen. I decided to go with the one that had one vote. "She longed to slip her feet back into the ocean."

Thanks again Carol for another great challenge.


She longed to slip her feet back into the ocean. Actually she never been to the ocean and nobody called her feet...feet....but she daydreamed of the ocean everyday. Sidra was born away from her motherland. Now she lived where people watched her, laughed at her and took pictures of her so that they can prove that they saw her.

She had a man for awhile, his name was Tuma. She loved him and missed him dearly. He was born in the motherland and was taken from his mother when he was still a baby. He would often tell her of the coldness of home as they suffered on the hot concrete. He told her of the openess and the ability to go when and where you wanted, for as long as you wanted to go. He told her of how his mother would fish for him and how he couldn't wait to grow big to be a wonderful fisher like his mother.

Then because Sidra could not have her own baby, they took Tuma away from her to someplace far away. She didn't know where they took him but she often lay around and cried for him. She hoped he was with his mother.

She lay on the hot cement in her lonlieness. Humans were screaming at her...laughing at her. She only wanted Tuma. Fuck them, she thought as she got up to swim. She jumped in the tiny pool of water that only allowed her a few short strokes then she flipped underwater where there was a glass wall that allowed even more humans to laugh at her and snap pictures from inside. She swam like that back and forth, flipping under and back to the surface....snap...snap...snap of the cameras. All of it was driving her mad. The madness making her swim even more.

"Close your eyes and forget these disgusting humans, Sidra." she told herself as she did a backstroke back to the glass...daydreaming of Tuma and a land of ice that never ended.


Anonymous said...

I really like this dana, it reminds me of happy feet, lol. Where do you get these random writing challenges at, great work. I am starting a new blog by the way, its gonna be called Jesse's noise.

Dana Dane said...

why do you and jason not sign your names?
i know when its you too, anonymous don't fool me
i thought of this at como zoo waaay before happy feet
and the random writing group is on multiply

JESSE said...

I was not implying that you stole the idea from happy feet, I was just saying that the way it made me feel after reading it was the same as happy feet. Besides happy feet was one of the greatest movies of this generation..

Dana Dane said...