Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lakota Star Quilt

Since some people are curious about where I work.

So I think I will slowly fill you in on what's what. Like show you some of the stuff we carry. The quilt up there is a baby quilt.

The Lakota Star Quilt or owinja (quilt) in my language started from when women were put in boarding schools post reservation life. A single star is made up of small diamond shaped pieced together in eight section that form an eight sided star. That eight sided star to the Lakota represents the morning star. The morning star represents the direction from which spirits travel to earth and is a link between the living and the dead (in extension), thus symbolizing immortality.

The quilt is a sign of respect given at weddings, graduations, birth and even draped on caskets at funerals, replacing the buffalo robe from pre-reservation days.

Both of my great grandmothers (paternal and maternal) made star quilts but it is a craft I have never learned and probably never will.

I used to own a pink star quilt my Grandma Agnes made for me...since then I haven't had one but hopefully some day again. (Hopefully that someday isn't like.....Thee Day.)


Waki said...

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Anonymous said...

what the hell does Waki talky about??!?! sheesh - Jase