Friday, January 18, 2008


Yay, I got my first paycheck. It's only half of what it should be and it is SWEET! has to go to bills that I need to catch up on.

Yay-I set up my IRA today. Get this my investor dude is from Podunk and you know I love that town, but this is what I love his name is Buck. WOW! I am totally trusting a dude named Buck with my retirement fundage. I love it.

Boo-I was almost attacked last night by my ex's gf. I swear they are making me feel slightly retarded. I come out of the store last night and thought I was avoiding the same homeless woman who I promised a quarter because I realized I paid the exact amount and didn't have a quarter. So someone runs behind me and calls me a fuckin bitch. I was like DANG all that for a quarter. Then my friend Joe (ex's cousin) told me it was Fugly Tracy. I look back and she is standing there with her hands on her she wants to roll. Now this is why I am feeling slightly retarded. Why does this bitch want to fight me? Over her man? Whom I might say I kicked to the curb back in 2000? I fuckin don't get it. Mind you she was probably coked up because everyone knows she is a coke whore, but why wanna fight his ex? Who obviously don't want him? And remember I had to get a protection order to keep the mother fucker away from me. I don't care if the bitch called me a fuckin bitch...I am. To some people I am a sweetheart. But I can be a fuckin bitch and coming from that whore I take it as a compliment. I just don't get why she wants to fight? Why they think I broke the whore's windows out? They are so off. They got me I in the wrong? but I know I'm not. I'm just confuzzled by the whole thing. and if anyone (Tiff) wants to know why I won't fight that whore. Here are my reasons

1. I don't want that bastard thinking I am fighting over him, because he will.

2. I don't have shit to prove. I know who I am. I know I am a way better person than her, way better mother because my kids don't do drugs, nor do I do drugs with them, and I don't do drugs. I like my beer and if they want to hold that against me in court they can think about it when they stick that blow up their nose. and obviously I am a better lover if I need a protection order to keep the ass away.

3. I don't need to waste energy on a coke whore...and this is cross posting to blogspot for the local readers, I hope somebody sends that bitch a link.

Yay- I am off that fuckin subject.

Boo- There is nothing more to boo about...oh I know I have to wait until Sunday to see Brett Favre.

Yay-My sister is coming into town tomorrow and my boss wants me to talk to her about entering our annual art show with her photography.

Yay -its fuckin Friday

Boo- I might have to be busy dashing hope and dreams of people trying to sell stuff we don't need and ruin their shceme for beer or weed. And might be too busy doing that too see you guys but I will try.

Yay- I can be online for another half hour straight.


Mike S said...

Don't forget to pay the most important bill 1st: the one owed you for being mom, cook, housekeeper, judge, and all around gofer for everyone else:)

Anonymous said...

Yay!: I like this style of post!
Boo!: It was way to short!!