Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I was a bit harsh on my brother for writing what he did.
Because I DO get fired up when people don't like my opinions too.
But I felt he was a bit harsh on his people and he should make his blog public.
His blood quantum is more Lakota than me.
I just wish he would really be proud of who his people were, are and, what they will be. what he will be.
In a way I feel can some people say I inspire them when some of the same issues I write about a member of my own family can't see?
My 16 year old brother loves his people, loves my writing, and is a sponge to any and every book he can get his hands on about our people.
I know I can't force my other brother to be proud of who his people are...
I mean, shit... it took him forever to come out of the closet and admit he was a damn republican.
When we all knew...

Ok I had to add to this because I already posted it after that.
What is so wrong with being proud of each other?
Why is it so much easier to put people down?
Is that what the world has come to?
Especially when it is your own people?
But why not all people?
See this isn't just my brother, this is everywhere...look at your news.
I could give rat's ass about Britney Spears and whatever drama she is going through, but I refuse to watch it on my news anymore.
Everything is so negative.
People are always whining about our jobs being outsourced to India where almost everyone there ane their sister has a degree or two.
But the other day for tech support a very nice man named Raja helped me with my problem. After I was juggled from this person to that person and yes I was starting to hint about them taking our jobs when they couldn't even find the right person to help me, I was stuck with Raja.
In his words
"M'am, I am very sorry they have sent you here and there....but no need to worry or fear anymore because now you are stuck with me and in this kind of situation I am a rockstar!"
He had me up and running in two minutes.
So I don't know Raja or Dale whose job he took in Indiana, but I do know that he is a nice man. I'm sure Dale is too.
I don't know.
I am tired of negativity.
I am not perfect.
I bitch.
I whine.
I groan.
Is it so hard to not be so negative to others?
I'm trying.

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