Saturday, June 7, 2008

All Good Things Must End

There is s a light so bright and near

Beautiful and glowing

It conjures fear

I can feel it sometimes

Warming to me

On the other side of the line

Do I dare step over

Where loved ones await

Or do I run for cover

Do I crave green pastures

And still waters

Do I doubt ever after

Tell me which way to go

Do I need my cup

To runneth and overflow

Do I choose fate

Or just choose

What I can’t create

by Dana Lonehill 2008

Note-It takes alot for someone to put their poetry out there, so don't act like I am wrong for the meaning, or look for the meaning, or for th love of life, don't ask me what's wrong. Picture of my sister Jenna's shadow by my sister Jaida

you know

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Mike S said...

Who am I to question something so thought provoking??