Thursday, June 19, 2008

Can You See That

Can you see my green jelly beans?

Can you taste my strawberry lipgloss?

Can you feel those champagne bubbles?

Can you see that striking sunrise?

Can you own those comfortable, worn out shoes?

Can you smell the softness of that lotion?

Can you smell that lasagna baking, or those brats simmering?

Can you remember that micro-brewed wheat beer?

Can you appreciate the melting marshmallows on the top of hot chocolate?

Can you remember how to dig for timpsilas?

Can you get past my green chucks?

Can you read my writing?

Can you hear me?

Can you see who I am on the inside?

Can you?

Or is the outside, all that matters?

1 comment:

Mike S said...

Your writing gives us a window to view the real you, as you wish to appear to us. We see what you decide to share of your inner self, it's up to us to see clearly what you present:)