Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I can't throw any F-bombs for the next 48 hours and I win 20 dollars with my bestest friend. So in place of the F-bimb I will say firetruck or whatever. I know it's corny.

I never poofed a blog before until I did on Multiply. All my old blogs are out there somewhere hanging in the world wide web. I lost a buncha crap by poofing it, but I don't care. Like I said before I can smell fake, and the stench was too strong on that particular site. Now this is some crazy shit. I have an old site on Multiply, my first one that I started with an ID name something like Danafiretrukkindane. The only reason I did it was because none of the other danadanes worked and I degraded to my horrible sailor ways and then the name felt a little too much on the gangsta side for me, so I left that account and created a new one.

That old account would crosspost with this blogspot, so all the time I thought I was being incognito on blogger, it was posting on danafiretrukkindane. I don't make sense do I?

It don't matter, I have like a friends list of 5 over there, so it's cool.

Work is cool, kids are fine, all are lonely for the Princess. She could care less in Oklahoma.

There are so many tourists, I feel like I might catch firetruckin smallpox!

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Mike S said...

The 'firetrucking' tourists are a pain, but essential for folks to eat through the winter, so we make them welcome. Even those who clog our old 2-lane hilly roads with their fuel guzzling RVs.