Tuesday, June 10, 2008


So yesterday my son, who has been kinda staying between my house and his dad's wanted to come home. I had all but my oldest in the car. He decides he wants to go to Whiteclay because tghe local grocery store is packed and I say ok because I can get full service gas there. I am such a girly, I hate pumping gas.

Whiteclay is two miles away. About right into the 2nd mile the car sputters and dies. I try and try like 12 times before I concede and say fuckit, I am out of gas. Sounds like the democratic primary, huh?

Anyway, I put the hazards on and wait. Its raining hard and thundering. I was wishing for my oldest son, because he at least, could have singlehandedly push us out of this. Any other time there would be cops driving by like crazy on this road because alcohol is available in Whiteclay. But for the forty minutes we sat there waiting for the rain to stop, no cop and no one stopped. Fuck!

So I take my 9 year old and say let's walk to whiteclay. OK he says, trying to man up. We are closer to Clay than any house without a mean dog. We start walking. It's a little further than I thought, but at least its not raining as hard. Finally someone looks at me while I walk. He does a U-uey and turns back. He pulls up and says Are you Dana?

Yeah, I ran out of gas. I tell him,, it's Dirty Steve's dad, Big Dirty Steve. Go back to your car and wait, I will be right back when I drop my groceries off.

It's kind of a hike back, but I don't bitch. I am thanking George Steinbrenner for sending him my way. We are waiting and he pulls up with a gas can. He already has gas and puts enough in my tank to get me to the full service station. I thank him and tell him his son should be more like him. He laughs and says I know.

It always amazes me at the kindness of strangers. I mean he isn't really a stranger, but he could have been like any other person in a hurry to catch the news and passed us by. It's even more amazing to see the cars that pass you by. I always stop for women and children, especially. I guess it has to do with the way you are raised.

Bet you thought this was gonna be about the fuckin ridiculous gas prices.

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Mike S said...

We have one of the few full service discount stations left about 2 miles from us. Down hill too. How great is that?