Friday, June 20, 2008

Ear hustlin in My Office

Stiffy calls it that...soo....

anyway here is how it goes.

all day I was bitchin about this pack of gum I bought.

See I love chewing gum and I have a bad habit of swallowing it when the flavor is gone.

Well I was bitchin to a co worker, who told me to call the 800 number for a free pack, she is Jewish, not that that has anything to do with it.

Then I bitched to Shannon, i don't know what her addy was, I forgot to check again.

So my co worker and I were tagging inventory and seperating it in my office and the much younger HS grad summer worker was working the front.

Well just picture that and then picture this convo

Me-I am really displeased with that. (I pointed with my lips to the pack of spearmint gum on my desk.)


Me- It doesn't stay soft. It gets hard right away and I don't like it after that. I don't even swallow anymore.

Her-Yeah,I saw you spit it out too.

Me- They should call it Extra Hard.

Much younger HS Grad Summer Help- What are you two talking about????

We had a good laugh over it. I was beet red and I am still spitting the damn stuff out.


Goose Creek Indian Reserve said...

I wanna say something....but I cant. Just way too funny....and believable

Mike S said...

The Old Indian is with 'goose creek', speechless!!:)

Alissa said...

Holy shit, that's funny!