Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Creative Challenge

Toni J hooked me up with this site. I was always jealous of this challenge but now I am taking it on. Her friend Danette does it. This week's theme is "A Strength In"

So, you know how I roll.

This is for my lil baby cousin Paco (in the pic)

For Paco

There is a strength in my people

We seem quiet, reserved

Some mistake it for feeble

We are just waiting for what we deserve

We were supposed to be swept away

The forgotten holocaust

There was supposed to be a day

When our ways were lost

Don't underestimate

The way the dice rolled

Our forgotten fate

Shines like a picture show

You can't forget us

There's no ashes to ashes

There's no dust to dust

We are here in masses

Maybe you can forget

the attempted genocide

Mister Goverment

But we are still here for this ride

Our ways carry on

Our pride held dear

The Lakota live on

Fuck yeah, we're still here.

Don't underestimate

Our love for this land

This time fate

Is in our hands

You call us savages

Never knowing our ways

While you tried to ravage us

By trying to take it away

We prayed for better days

Those days are here now

We fight with the written word

We still have no fear no how

We need to be heard

You can't push me away

I refuse to disappear

There will come a day

You will have to listen and hear

That this country

My people still serve proudly

Broke every treaty

I will tell you loudly

We are Lakota, baby

We will not go down without a fight

I need no one to save me

Read what I write

We are still here

We will carry on

The ways, the strentgh, the pride

It's an unbreakable bond

Shining from the inside

We are Lakota

And today is a good day to die.

Hoka Hey!

We will carry on

Our ways held dear

Oglala Lakota are strong

Fuck yeah, we're still here.

You hear?


Thats for my boy Paco. Hope he has fun with that one. Love you cuz.


Goose Creek Indian Reserve said...

Sacred ways and Sacred Songs,
No matter what he says.
Are what helps to keep us strong, Welcome to the REZ....

As long as the rivers flow,
As long as the grasses grow,
I guess theres no escapin from the truth.
As long as the rivers flow, As long as the grasses grow,
I guess I'll be singin' the Red Man's Blues.*

Good poetry girl!
* Tony Palmer and Breeds
Red Mans Bluz
2001 Nammy winner "See You At The Knee"

Mike S said...

Good stuff!!:)