Friday, December 28, 2007

Alone Time

*pic bit from yahoo image search*

I seriously need some.....alone time.

I know it will take me about 40 minutes to get lonely but I need to give the house a thorough cleaning and relax. (wished I had some merlot.)

I need to not have more than 2 or 3 tv's going at once for at least 24 hours and I need to not hear cartoon voices...EVER AGAIN!

I talked with the boys' dad and he is willing to take all 4 of them to po dunk where he lives. I just have to get them up there today. He is willing to take Justice too because she is best friends with his daughter.

IF this plan goes through there will be some heavy LWI action tonight, if not I will be fighting over the modem. If you hear sirens, don't panic.

Otherwise, I think I had a dreamless night last night or maybe because my daughter snuck and got up while I was sleeping, she sleeps with me because I don't like her sneaking around. Anyway I woke up and she is laying next to me with BALL POINT PEN designs all over her face, arms, chest,...she looks like one of those warriors from New Zealand. Mori, or however you spell it.

So we will see how this "alone time" works out. It might not.

1 comment: said...

your lucky your daughter did not make you look like a new zealand warrior! lol. I have had a somewhat similar incident. My wife told me she was going to be out, okay fine. I got up early with my little girl. We watched cartoons, I fed her, she played, and I was beading. I remember my wife saying don't fall asleep or don't sleep in too late because you have to watch baby, -I fell asleep. Next thing you know I hear that familiar sceeee sceee scee... the sound scissors make when cutting hair, -slowly. like every little piece of hair is thick as horse hair. I wake up groggy and my daughter has scissors, I ask her if I was asleep long, and she said, look daddy! your like *Narnia! and she cut a patch out of my hair. *Being from the movie Chronicles of Narnia, where they cut off the Lions Hair. To this day my wife laughs her ass of about this thought.